Sunday, July 29, 2012

Home Organization- Keeping it All Together

After working in my studio this week, ( I was re-arranging and re-organizing things for the Fall Season) I realized how little time I have had recently to clean and keep things organized.

As homeschoolers we are really busy people. Not that everyone else isn't but when you add all the necessary things we need to do as parents and work responsibilities and then on top of that, you add teaching your own children it can really get crazy!

I have found also that having chronic illness can make it even harder on us. So I need to get even MORE organized and better prepared in our home.

I decided after making our own cleaning schedule that I would check out some websites that might help me finish it up ( just in case I was forgetting something I might need to add to it) I did forget things! and then it sent me on some bunny trails again, and I found and read more about the Household Notebook. 

I remember reading about this way back and decided it just might be way too much than what I really needed. Well, one day doing what I did yesterday helped me realize that possibly this kind of tool might really help us to stay on schedule and keep things clean, updated and organized.

You can print pages of your choice for this notebook and read more about how to set it up.

I recall I had written about this before a bit, but it never seemed to materialize to much of anything. I think I got sidetracked and bogged down with other things going on at the time. This time, I really want to try this out to see if it can help keep things more up to date and keep us on top of things better.

Since re-working my home studio I am planning this August and Fall to spend much more time working up there so I really need to practice better time management and make things more streamlined for us so I might be able to accomplish all I want and need to for the remainder of the year.

It will be a full plate for me and for the boys because of school starting back up promptly in September so I am really hoping this will really help us.

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