Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Finding Organization with Homeschool Tracker Online

** Just a note** 
Recently, I had been diagnosed with Bells Palsy, and am undergoing further testing for other outstanding health issues, so my health is giving me a bit of a hard time at this point. But I will try and continue with our planning and sharing things that I am finding useful for our learning at home

After a short break, I am trying now to get back into planning and organizing for our new school year.

I had decided to go ahead and try out the new Homeschool Tracker Online program. ( this is a web based version)  I had purchased the downloadable version about a year ago but I never seemed to be able to catch on with it. It seemed hard to use for me ( I am not a real techy sort of person) and it was rather a rather difficult program to use and keep updated. I was hoping they would be able to at some point use a more updated "cloud" version and I was right they have a new online version that you work online from your account and your account never needs to be backed up or updated with new versions like the older downloadable version did.

Here are some videos I had been looking at before making my purchase for the new online cloud version:
Introduction to Homeschool Tracker Online  this gives a good overview of what you can do briefly with HST Online
Introduction to Lesson Plans- Key points about lesson plans 
How to create Lesson Plans- creating new LP's and copying LP's.
How to use Shared Lesson Plans- learning how to add LP's from other to your Lesson Plans to use

These were all the video tutorials I have found so far using HST Online. I am hopeful they will be making more as they move forward.

Why?: My reason for finally taking this leap into using an online planner is to assist me with better organization for grades and record keeping with my older learners. I am planning on using this for running reports for our end of the year evaluations, track better records for transcripts and keep us on a more structured timetable for our studies.

Some of it I will not need like the attendance and things like that. It was mostly for record keeping of their assignments and their grades especially now for highschool.

I really like it so far. It is much easier to use than the PLUS version that was a download. I still have alot to learn with it and am hoping and needing to pull it all together these summer months so that we are up and ready for September when we go back to full studies.

I am looking forward to a much more organized year ahead~ :)

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