Sunday, July 29, 2012

Home Organization- Keeping it All Together

After working in my studio this week, ( I was re-arranging and re-organizing things for the Fall Season) I realized how little time I have had recently to clean and keep things organized.

As homeschoolers we are really busy people. Not that everyone else isn't but when you add all the necessary things we need to do as parents and work responsibilities and then on top of that, you add teaching your own children it can really get crazy!

I have found also that having chronic illness can make it even harder on us. So I need to get even MORE organized and better prepared in our home.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Learning and Remembering~

I have often posted about how we work and learn in Math and other sequentially learned topics ~ how reviewing and teaching back is a strong component in our learning at home.

Here is an excellent article I received from a good friend of mine ( thank you Cindy K) about learning and forgetting.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Table Top Easels for Learning~

A friend of mine ( thank you Laura F!) shared this project (Table Top Easels) over on our Homeschool Necessities group we share together.

I loved this idea. I could quickly see how this didn't have to be just for Preschool~ it could be for all ages of learning.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Writing: The Writers Notebook/Readers Journal and a NEW Series!

In outlining our Oak Meadow program this year I learned that it is suggested to keep a Readers Journal.   This Journal is besides the daily lessons and assignments and is for the supplemental reading for each semester.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A New Site to Share~ and "Handouts"

Here is a new site I just learned about this morning from my good homeschool friend Chrissy, this site has lots of information and goodies and I just had to share~ Mellissa

Free handouts is where you can find some downloadable freebies!

A favorite is the Young Writers Survival Kit. I loved it~The Writers Toolbox is also a neat printable to be used for Mini-office etc.. We will definitely be printing and using this for our new year :)

Summer Series: Planning and Organizing with Lists~

I have am on the mend as they say, and starting to get some energy back so I have been spending my time ( while I have to rest often) continuing on with our years organizations and planning....

Most recently I learned about these "color coded progress lists" from another homeschool blog I follow "Amongst Lovely Things". I really enjoy this blog and thought my own readers might enjoy this idea for organizing your year of studies.

In reading how Sarah ( owner, creator of Amongst Lovely Things) breaks down her year I could see very easily how we could also do this if we wanted while using Homeschool Tracker Online. ( online tracking and record keeping planner) -{see notes below for an update on HST Online.}

I enjoyed Sarah's ideas and thought you might enjoy them as well~

Homeschool Tracker Online Notes~   I continue to learn more on how best I can use this online planner. I am really starting to understand and enjoy how the planner works.  One favorite component they have is the Daily Task List that you can print out Daily so that the learner has their very own check list of the assignments for that day~ wonderful way for encouraging independence, responsibility and time management.  I continue to ask lots of questions on their forum and can really begin to see the benefits of using this program for the remaining time of our home learning. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Finding Organization with Homeschool Tracker Online

** Just a note** 
Recently, I had been diagnosed with Bells Palsy, and am undergoing further testing for other outstanding health issues, so my health is giving me a bit of a hard time at this point. But I will try and continue with our planning and sharing things that I am finding useful for our learning at home

After a short break, I am trying now to get back into planning and organizing for our new school year.

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