Wednesday, June 20, 2012

{Summer Series} Field Trip Logs

Since we had gotten back from our trip down South I had a bunch of notes I took and brochures from the places we visited during our travels.

As I started writing some of these down I realized its never too early to start organizing paperwork now for portfolios next year!  With trips to the lake, beach or Grandma's its not so silly to document these trips~

Here is a Field Trip Log template I created so that you can write down information about where you went and notes about interesting things you saw that your children can write about later on.

One other thing you can do to keep things all in one spot is to keep these printouts in a pocket folder with the brochures, tickets stubs, etc., you acquire in your travels.

For those who are using HS Tracker you can use these to write information down quickly to then go back and add to your records online when you have time.

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