Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Planning the New Year~

To begin the planning for our new school year I have created a template to share that lays out our entire year of studies. (Please note that this is an overview of our year, this doesn't list our books we will be using our literature/classics listing of books etc.. )

The first page is an example of what our own curriculum outline looks to give you an idea of just how I use it. It is basically an overview of what I am planning to use. I may tweak things here and there or may add something if I had forgotten, but this gives you a better idea on how you might be able to use this template. The next page is a blank template I added so that you could add in your own information and divide up your year as how best it would fit your family.( I kept this in Word Document form so that readers could change things accordingly)  

I noticed immediately upon writing this out that our studies are becoming a bit more simplified. Before when I would write out my outline for the year I had a bunch of things I was using.  As the boys grow older I am seeing we need less "programs" and yet we have increased the variety in our "resources" where we will obtain our information for our studies.

A few notes on this; ( as promised, I will add the what, why and how )

What is this for? To give a brief, specific overview of what programs we will be using over the school year. Breaking the year into Terms or Quarters helps to divide the year into small pieces for goals and objectives to be met. 

Why do I need this? I found that as the boys grow older in their learning at home it is necessary for me to have a more clear and specific outline for them. It helps us to stay on track better. Having clear and specific objectives in what we are going to use really makes a big difference when your trying to complete topics of study in a timely manner.  I also really like being able to look at our full year of studies on one page so that I can see very quickly what I might be able to add or remove. 

How did I create this? This was created in Microsoft Word ( 2010). I saved it in my public folder of Dropbox. Please contact me if you have trouble accessing the template. 

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