Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Our Summer Series and A Q & A Series~

With our new summer series starting soon I wanted to take a moment to ask my readers what they are trying to accomplish over the summer as far as planning, organizing and prioritizing for their new year.

Some examples might be:
*curriculum/program considerations
* modification/accommodations for your special needs learner
* tools and strategies needed for help in an area
*scheduling issues
*taming the paper monster and record keeping

 What questions or considerations do you have moving forward to next year?

 I would love to hear from you ~all areas are welcome!  I can share and offer any ideas and recommendations for your personal consideration - a kind of Q & A time if you will.

I often have many home school parents email me and ask me questions so I thought it would be helpful to others to share these here at LAH so that it helps others as well !

I look forward to hearing back from you by leaving a comment below~


Fatcat said...

I need to work on the first 2. My youngest is entering high school this year and is a genius on so many levels, but can barely write or spell, so his high school experience is going to be challenging.

Learners at Home said...

Hi there! So planning and organizing~ then :) With the writing and spelling has he been diagnosed with a specific LD? With writing if its more the mechanics of it (physically) I have found typing to help my Dysgraphic. One of my son's struggles with spelling also~ I have found that there is NO perfect spelling program for my kids! lol I have found that working through their strengths ( my youngest is very visual)so I am having him visualize the letters as he writes them I will make a note and explain it better in a post. - Also I found him being on facebook chatting with friends and such has really helped his spelling as well.

Edwina said...

I love your alternatives for different textbooks. Is there a chance you would have any options that are free? I know I have downloaded several classic books like Wizard of Ox, Call of the Wild, and Treasure Island along with McGuffey Readers and a couple math books from
Thanks in advance,

Learners at Home said...

I am sure I do have freebies as alternatives~ what areas/grade or learning levels are you looking for Edwina?


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