Thursday, June 28, 2012

Condensing And Organzing All Our Paper!

I have been working in our school room the past few days, we had some rainy weather so I thought I would try and get some things done in there while I wouldn't feel guilty being indoors working when it is nicer weather.

I have been re-organizing our books and programs. I was sort of stumped today trying to figure out how to condense our papers with our studies and get them out of all the binders we had created.

We used to use ALL binders, now not so much. My older teen uses Microsoft OneNote for all his studies now. ( written narrations, outlines for notetaking, vocabulary, and more) I found no need to keep all the binders hanging around on his shelf. * Note, with his One Note I plan on using these virtual binders just as we would normal binders we write in. Each year he will have a new binder for a new school year of studies so he can refer back to these when he wants to*

For my younger son, he still isn't ready to use One Note for all his subjects. I don't want to rush that, it will happen in time so he will still be using more hands on materials for his studies.

Here is how I condensed things;

I used one of the bottom book shelves to hold their cloth bins. Each teen has their own bin to hold their things in.

Instead of binders I decided for my older teen he would just work off his laptop and I would give him pocket folders for each of his OM Syllabus' to hold his work he has in progress. Once the work is finished and graded I will add it to his annual accordion file ( a file that is divided by subject) to keep for end of the year portfolios.

Instead of binders for my younger teen I decided to use 5-subject spiral notebooks with a pocket folder. This way he can work his syllabus' and have one place to go to for his notetaking, notebooking, vocabulary work etc...) having his work and writings all in one spot will be handy for our ISL ( individual spelling list)  list also I can go back and flip through the edits and see what words to add quickly.

This is a great way to condense things and not have so many awkward binders all over the place.

The only binder I now have for the boys is for English/Language Arts just because the programs we are using for IEW I needed to be able to keep separate and more clearly organized so in that binder I have each teen have their Writing Organization Folder, the printouts from their Fix-it program and also their writings and charts for Teaching the Classics.  So I suppose it would be an IEW binder :)  (After having recently attended a Webinar on Fix-it we will be going back to using Fix-it and see how things go )

I also have a school cart - this is stainless steel cart I used for my art studio for lessons with clients. I now use it to house all our school supplies we will use daily. The bottom rack has their new books for the new years programs.  The second shelf is all my books ie., teachers manuals, notes, plans etc... and on top I have all the supplies ( markers, pencils, scissors and junk) we might need for notebooking.

The cart has wheels so I can easily wheel it in and out of the room into a closet or cove so that we don't have it in the way when studies are over with. I think it will work great.

I love these carts, I have another one upstairs in my private studio as well I use it up there next to my standing easels for when I am painting.

We also have another one in the background there, its a computer table on rollers. I love these too because we use these for our Ipads, Laptops and also I like them to put my tabletop easels on with a wipeboard so we can sit and do our work together~

Most of our books are now in order, I still have to finish adding labels to them so we can just grab what we need quickly, those are "almost" done~  I am labeling each by color and by date or concept. (yellow is history with the time period it covers - we mix both fiction and non-fiction in, science is green with the concept it covers, while literature is white - again both fiction and non-fiction is mixed in with all of these subjects)

I am starting to really feel like things are starting to really come together nicely.  It will be great to start a new year all organized! 

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