Thursday, June 28, 2012

Condensing And Organzing All Our Paper!

I have been working in our school room the past few days, we had some rainy weather so I thought I would try and get some things done in there while I wouldn't feel guilty being indoors working when it is nicer weather.

I have been re-organizing our books and programs. I was sort of stumped today trying to figure out how to condense our papers with our studies and get them out of all the binders we had created.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

{Summer Series} Field Trip Logs

Since we had gotten back from our trip down South I had a bunch of notes I took and brochures from the places we visited during our travels.

As I started writing some of these down I realized its never too early to start organizing paperwork now for portfolios next year!  With trips to the lake, beach or Grandma's its not so silly to document these trips~

Here is a Field Trip Log template I created so that you can write down information about where you went and notes about interesting things you saw that your children can write about later on.

One other thing you can do to keep things all in one spot is to keep these printouts in a pocket folder with the brochures, tickets stubs, etc., you acquire in your travels.

For those who are using HS Tracker you can use these to write information down quickly to then go back and add to your records online when you have time.

Planning the New Year~

To begin the planning for our new school year I have created a template to share that lays out our entire year of studies. (Please note that this is an overview of our year, this doesn't list our books we will be using our literature/classics listing of books etc.. )

The first page is an example of what our own curriculum outline looks to give you an idea of just how I use it. It is basically an overview of what I am planning to use. I may tweak things here and there or may add something if I had forgotten, but this gives you a better idea on how you might be able to use this template. The next page is a blank template I added so that you could add in your own information and divide up your year as how best it would fit your family.( I kept this in Word Document form so that readers could change things accordingly)  

Our Summer Series and A Q & A Series~

With our new summer series starting soon I wanted to take a moment to ask my readers what they are trying to accomplish over the summer as far as planning, organizing and prioritizing for their new year.

Some examples might be:
*curriculum/program considerations
* modification/accommodations for your special needs learner
* tools and strategies needed for help in an area
*scheduling issues
*taming the paper monster and record keeping

 What questions or considerations do you have moving forward to next year?

 I would love to hear from you ~all areas are welcome!  I can share and offer any ideas and recommendations for your personal consideration - a kind of Q & A time if you will.

I often have many home school parents email me and ask me questions so I thought it would be helpful to others to share these here at LAH so that it helps others as well !

I look forward to hearing back from you by leaving a comment below~

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Taking a Break and Planning Ahead~

Lilacs from our backyard
We just arrived back from our trip we took to Oklahoma to see family.

It was a great time and the boys had a chance to see lots of new things and see family.

Before leaving, we finished our our yearly portfolios and our evaluations are now done and turned in to our State.

So it is time for a bit of relaxation and planning ahead a bit for next year.

I will be sharing our planning, organization ideas and activities over the Summer.  If your taking some time off like we are, I am hoping the weather is good for you and your getting a chance to re-charge your batteries.

I love late Spring, here in New Hampshire, besides Autumn its my most favorite time of the year, before the REAL heat sets in for us. 

Even though ( after a few weeks off for rest and relaxation) we will be going back to our math and  ( student led ) science studies its still a nice change from the regular year of studies. Hanging outside on the front porch while reading a good book or enjoying the outdoors while doing a science experiment is just so much fun and so relaxing don't you think?

Until next time~ !

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