Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Math "Notes"

We have been still running full steam ahead with our math learning at home. The boys will continue on their math studies throughout the summer. Mostly because they need the continuity, practice and reinforcement.

We are working with the Teaching Textbook series. It has been going well and we have found that the components we have added to using this program has really helped my 13yo be very successful in using this program.

The component I am referring to is our Math Notebook. I posted about this a short time ago and you can read the post here.   As an update, I wanted to share  a bit more about this and how consistent use of this has made us SO successful in our math.

My 13yo's Math Notebook has become a mainstay in his math learning. Before doing any lessons he writes his notes from the lectures in his notebook.  While working with the TT program he is allowed to go back and check his notes if he has any questions during the practice lessons. He is seeing just how helpful this can actually be.

Recently, I saw this blog article and thought this also might be a great thing to add to our Math Notebook or Notebooking if you wish to call it that.  It explains how to use Mini-books in your notebooking, but I decided this could be great for multi-step math learning also.

We started incorporating this into my older son's math notes. He has been less than enthusiastic about taking these notes, but I am sure once he sees how helpful they actually can be and he starts working consistently with these he will find he was missing out!

Here are some examples that he is working on:

It will take some time for him to try this out but I believe he will see the benefits of this soon.

He is off to a good start~

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