Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Learning Online~ A Fun, Interactive Way!

I just had to share with my readers about this new site. I had been surfing the internet looking for some free resources for our studies and found this absolute GEM. Its called

 I am not exactly sure where to start so I will try and start from the beginning since that makes more sense~ I am just all excited about this site can you tell? My boys LOVE interactive learning online especially in this fashion.

Click on the  "All Topics" underneath the header in yellow and it will list all the topics covered on the site, there is lots there!

The boys and I spent some time on this site seeing how it all worked. I loved the reading section, we chose science to start off and did some guided reading exercises which were terrific for children to build fluency.

The boys enjoyed the Food Labels interactive, they were laughing and learning at the same time. My older teen knew most of the information but he loved doing it with his younger brother and thought it was such a neat way to learn it~ here is an image for the Food Labels activity:

The site is completely interactive so you have to click on the things and it goes along with what you choose for answers. They just loved it! My son especially liked the art work and realistic approach they took, not corny like many sites.

We then tried the grocery shopping topic and that was tons of fun also, right down to hearing the people in the store, it is excellent. Its like your right there. What fun! I realize most homeschoolers do learn to grocery shop when they are shopping with mom instead of in a classroom but what a neat idea for perhaps special needs learners! I just love it. Here is an image from the grocery interactive. We loved the woman who would make comments on it as well~ really makes the interactive much more engaging..  My boys can't wait to do more on this site~ If you know of any other interactive sites like this please post and share! They are so much fun~ Enjoy!


Suji said...

You always unearth the most fun resources. Thanks Tracey!

Learners at Home said...

LOL, Suji it is totally by accident believe me! just good luck! glad you enjoy it~ :)


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