Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Astronomy Reads~ Before Starting our Unit

We are just beginning our Astronomy Unit Study and the boys have started reading this week their books of choice, just to get started and explore a bit on their own about Astronomy. The idea behind this was instead of getting a bunch of books and diving in, I wanted to take a more laid back approach and have the boys do a bit of exploring on their own first and get some questions in their own minds about some things before we started to really get into the Unit. One thing we are doing is as the boys have questions, for example while my youngest was reading briefly about the Moon he posed a question about what would happen if we really didn't have a moon and made a hypothesis on his question~ we are documenting this and other questions that are similar and will use this to explore deeper and find answers for as we go along.( inquiry based approach)

Our youngest chose one that was on our shelf called Space ( a Magic Treehouse Research Guide) he likes it very much so far but complains it doesn't really go into enough depth. I quickly reminded him this is to just get his interest peaked and to mark things and we will be learning much, much more in depth things during our new Astronomy Unit. He seemed satisfied with that.  I have found also during his reading that there are many things that are peaking his interest, as I see him jump out of his chair to come and tell me something new he learned or thought he knew about, only to find that what he thought, wasn't so!  Gone are the days of formal narration because when you have a child thats interest is peaked like mine, they do it all on their own~

My older son chose Princeton Review's Astronomy Smart Junior. It only took him a couple of pages to tell me how much he was enjoying this book. He explained that he liked how it mixes both a narrative story form with facts that teach him as it moves along. ( we will be adding this to our Bean Bag Reads at his suggestion)  He wanted to see if there was any more in the series that he might like. There is a few more but the only one that peaked his interest and he added to his wish list was the Archaeology Junior book, which will be great when we do our Ancient Civilizations Unit.

I am still collecting some information and picking and choosing between what we will use for our Unit. I sort of wanted the boys feedback on alot of it but here is some resources to share that I have compiled so far~ ( I may not use ALL these resources since I plan on this only being approximately a 6-8 week study at the most, depending on what we end up exploring) Afterwards I have a Botany Unit planned and heavier nature study for our summer term. Once I have my outline complete I will be sure to share~

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