Monday, March 12, 2012

Taking Stock: Weekly Syllabus' for Multi-Level Learning

We are combining the boys learning so that they now are working together more and more on many different subjects.  I have posted before about some of the benefits toward multi-level learning ( see below for more explanation)  and because of this change I found it necessary to change their schedules or lesson outlines a bit.

Here is the new syllabus for my 13yo and here is the new syllabus for my 15yo. They are quite similar and allow for On Your Own learning time and also Combined Study time. I wanted to share it with my readers in hopes of giving ideas and examples in how one can attempt to do this. 

These syllabus' were an attempt to bring  together my own "weekly" lesson plans I have and their checklists they use weekly to help keep them on track and promote more learning independence.

I added a place for notes which will replace my homeschool journal. ( a notebook I have used to write down things they do in the subject areas, trouble spots or extra things I feel pertains to schooling like watching a history channel show and discussing, watching and discussion a debate etc..) I am again, trying to consolidate to discontinue redundancy in my own work and streamline things so that I have one place for everything. I am hopeful these syllabus' will do that for us.

My thoughts on Multi-Level Learning~

* creates a more enjoyable engaging learning atmosphere at time.
* allows for me to assess their understanding as I watch how they problem solve and interact on the subjects.
* stretches my younger learners efforts in understanding information since he will be hearing information that may be a bit above his current level of understanding. This is where discussing and problem solving can be very powerful.
* allows my older teen to act as a Mentor toward my younger son, helps to create a deeper bond and allows me to really get an idea of how deep and comprehensive his understanding is on the subject/topic, because when someone can teach it they are show proficiency in it.
* allows for longer days of comprehensive learning, when working with others it creates an appreciation and deeper interest for the topic. My boys love to discuss and pontificate, this gives them the opportunity to do just that!

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