Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Notebooking Resource~

I recently came across this (new to me) website and I just had to share it with my readers. Homeschooling with Notebooks is FULL of all kinds of resources and goodies.

Homeschooling with Notebooks

Among the many things you can use on this site is a really neat online assignment generator. I tried it out and I just love it.  ( this page also has other generators as well)

We recently started using a syllabus with the boys studies. I really had to because we have gotten so busy with activities out side of the home that I needed a way to be able to still continue our studies and learning on a timely basis.

A weekly Syllabus seemed like it could really help keep us on track with what needed to be accomplished for the week. While also teaching the teens time management.  We are in our third week using them and they really help~

Before finding this assignment generator, I had created my own that you can find here.   Now I will be using this assignment generator and creating one for each day of our school week and printing them off for the boys. I just loved it! How handy!

Here is a worksheet I use to plan out the boys week then I will be adding it the the assignment generator.

There is alot more here on this site, if you have time definitely check it out~

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