Thursday, March 15, 2012

New Things to Share~

As many of my readers and followers already know, I have been working on a few new things within our home learning. Recently, I had decided to start looking at how and if I was being redundant in our learning within specific areas that overlap or can overlap and could I give us an opportunity for the boys to have more connections of "relations" with their subjects of study. ( which I found is almost everywhere)

Recently I came across this Review about a product ( Creek Edge Press) that is centered around creating Task Cards for learning different subjects. Unlike the "workbox" concept ( which is what I initially thought this was) this method allows for the learner to explore and inquire about topics and concepts of study on their own, picking and choosing from books and resources provided to them. 

I sat here and read these and looked at Amy's gallery of flash cards and absolutely love the idea for my boys. This really got my creativity and ingenuity going!~  It fits directly into everything we doing in our home learning;

Living Books
Notebooking/Lapbooking/Lap n' Note
Inquiry Based learning

The Cards are designed for levels K-8 - however, in looking at these, I can really see how they can  be used for higher learning - using these cards as a springboard for deeper understanding of concepts of study. The difference being that the child is not "led" but "leads" himself/herself into deeper study. This is an important factor, I believe, for real learning to happen especially during the teen years.  So many of our teens seem to turn off when it comes to school, mine are no different believe me~ I really think it has alot to do with their brain chemistry at this point in development and that we have to shift our teachings and allow for more constructivist approaches toward teaching and being more as a facilitator than a "teacher". Mentoring more helps much better than sitting listening to someone tell you and show you what you need to do and know. They need to do these things on their own at this point in their development.

I really feel this is where schools  fail our teens. They are developing and their brains are moving in one direction while our "system" leads them and forces them in another direction. It just doesn't work.  A different approach is really needed.

I hope you have time to check these out~ you might love them! 

Another thing I wanted to share is how I am more organized in following my blogs I love~ The answer is Bloglovin.  My friend Chrissy shared this with me and I am so thankful. I had specific blog I wanted to keep up with but Google Reader and others never seemed to help me very much. I would always forget and miss great posts~ Also I did not want to have my email box ( which is already overflowing) stuffed with even more information I couldn't get to. This is where Bloglovin comes in.

It is Free. You sign up and start searching for your blogs by url and adding them to your account. Its that simple. Once you have added some to your account you will get ONE, yes I said ONE, daily email with all your most recent updates to any of the blogs you added to your account. I just love it, and wanted to share this with my readers.  I also like I can organize them by placing the blogs in categories also.  Hope you enjoy this blog organization as much as I do!

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FlyMama Di said...

Wow! I had no idea you not only found my blog but linked to me! You're awesome! Thanks. I'm going to check out the bloglovin' -- but I need to wait til tomorrow. Time for me to get to bed!

Flymama Di

Learners at Home said...

Hi there! I love your blog~ I only found just recently. I plan on getting some of these cards~ I really love them I actually had a similar idea but yours is so much better and its all there for me! :) you will LOVE Bloglovin if you have a hard time keeping up with your favorite spots like I do~ :) one email and that is it:)



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