Thursday, March 22, 2012

LAH New Page: "Beanbag" Reading!

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So, I have been busy with lots of things here at LAH ~ making some changes and shifting things to meet/portray our homeschooling style.  We are finding we are quite unique and so I want to really show that as we move along this new school year.
( our new year starts usually around May or so)

We don't start in May because of any particular reason but I have found that shifting our schedules
 ( starting after lunch instead of first thing in the morning) and shifting our lessons (more outside learning and exploration because of nice weather) is really nice for us and gives us that change or "spring" in our step that we need right about this time of year.

We actually started our flipped schedule earlier this year because 70's and 80 degree temperatures made the flip much more tempting! :)

I created a new page! Its called "Beanbag" Reading. ( the name was the idea of my 13yo)  A place where I am going to be listing our most favorite reads in all areas of learning. I will also be listing levels (which we use ALL Levels) picture books up to college level and media materials.

Hope you enjoy our lists we create~

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