Friday, March 30, 2012

Ideas and Updates~

What we have been up to~ 
I have been really busy lately adding new information to the LAH pages~ I have found a whole bunch of great things to use for our home learning and along the way I have thought of some new ideas as well.  I will share them here so lets get right to it, shall we?

Thursday, March 22, 2012

LAH New Page: "Beanbag" Reading!

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So, I have been busy with lots of things here at LAH ~ making some changes and shifting things to meet/portray our homeschooling style.  We are finding we are quite unique and so I want to really show that as we move along this new school year.
( our new year starts usually around May or so)

We don't start in May because of any particular reason but I have found that shifting our schedules
 ( starting after lunch instead of first thing in the morning) and shifting our lessons (more outside learning and exploration because of nice weather) is really nice for us and gives us that change or "spring" in our step that we need right about this time of year.

We actually started our flipped schedule earlier this year because 70's and 80 degree temperatures made the flip much more tempting! :)

I created a new page! Its called "Beanbag" Reading. ( the name was the idea of my 13yo)  A place where I am going to be listing our most favorite reads in all areas of learning. I will also be listing levels (which we use ALL Levels) picture books up to college level and media materials.

Hope you enjoy our lists we create~

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

"Perplexed" by Proofreading~

The boys had begun working with IEW's Fix-it program and my youngest is having some trouble. I wanted to share about this to encourage and help support other parents who might have run into the same things for their children while working Fix-it. * updated included*

Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Perfect Catholic Planner~

photo credit from Sanctus Simplicitus

I found it! I found a perfect Catholic Planner for us, just this morning~ I really just love it and wanted to share in case some of my readers might enjoy this as well. The new Planner will be coming out in the Spring of April/May.

You can find the Holy Simplicity Planner from Sanctus Simplicitus  here at their site. This also gives more in depth information also for you to look through.

I absolutely love it, but I think I already mentioned that~

Happy organizing~ !

Thursday, March 15, 2012

New Things to Share~

As many of my readers and followers already know, I have been working on a few new things within our home learning. Recently, I had decided to start looking at how and if I was being redundant in our learning within specific areas that overlap or can overlap and could I give us an opportunity for the boys to have more connections of "relations" with their subjects of study. ( which I found is almost everywhere)

Recently I came across this Review about a product ( Creek Edge Press) that is centered around creating Task Cards for learning different subjects. Unlike the "workbox" concept ( which is what I initially thought this was) this method allows for the learner to explore and inquire about topics and concepts of study on their own, picking and choosing from books and resources provided to them. 

I sat here and read these and looked at Amy's gallery of flash cards and absolutely love the idea for my boys. This really got my creativity and ingenuity going!~  It fits directly into everything we doing in our home learning;

Living Books
Notebooking/Lapbooking/Lap n' Note
Inquiry Based learning

The Cards are designed for levels K-8 - however, in looking at these, I can really see how they can  be used for higher learning - using these cards as a springboard for deeper understanding of concepts of study. The difference being that the child is not "led" but "leads" himself/herself into deeper study. This is an important factor, I believe, for real learning to happen especially during the teen years.  So many of our teens seem to turn off when it comes to school, mine are no different believe me~ I really think it has alot to do with their brain chemistry at this point in development and that we have to shift our teachings and allow for more constructivist approaches toward teaching and being more as a facilitator than a "teacher". Mentoring more helps much better than sitting listening to someone tell you and show you what you need to do and know. They need to do these things on their own at this point in their development.

I really feel this is where schools  fail our teens. They are developing and their brains are moving in one direction while our "system" leads them and forces them in another direction. It just doesn't work.  A different approach is really needed.

I hope you have time to check these out~ you might love them! 

Another thing I wanted to share is how I am more organized in following my blogs I love~ The answer is Bloglovin.  My friend Chrissy shared this with me and I am so thankful. I had specific blog I wanted to keep up with but Google Reader and others never seemed to help me very much. I would always forget and miss great posts~ Also I did not want to have my email box ( which is already overflowing) stuffed with even more information I couldn't get to. This is where Bloglovin comes in.

It is Free. You sign up and start searching for your blogs by url and adding them to your account. Its that simple. Once you have added some to your account you will get ONE, yes I said ONE, daily email with all your most recent updates to any of the blogs you added to your account. I just love it, and wanted to share this with my readers.  I also like I can organize them by placing the blogs in categories also.  Hope you enjoy this blog organization as much as I do!

Until next time.....

Monday, March 12, 2012

Taking Stock: Weekly Syllabus' for Multi-Level Learning

We are combining the boys learning so that they now are working together more and more on many different subjects.  I have posted before about some of the benefits toward multi-level learning ( see below for more explanation)  and because of this change I found it necessary to change their schedules or lesson outlines a bit.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Learning about the Election~

We have been consistently following this years election campaigns. We have watched all the debates. We discuss the topics that candidates debate over and it has been very interesting to share this with  my teens.

Here are some resources I plan on using a bit for further learning~

Step by Step on the Campaign Trail~ a brief overview of information that deals electing a president.

Christian Homeschool Hub ~ there is a notebooking and lapbooking download that is very good, generic so you can fill in information that you feel is pertinent to their learning and understanding.  Also there are presidential flash cards that are wonderful for learning about the presidents. Each has a picture and information on each president.  You must be a member of CHH but I believe it is only 1.00. There is lots of great resources here. You can see a preview of this download here.

Election Lapbook from Homeschool Share~ based on the book The Ballot Box this is a lapbook unit that can be adapted for older learners by using the folds and finding other resources for them to explore. The book is excellent for younger learners ages 5-9 or so.

Joy Christian School ~ some resources and lapbook folds to use.

Free Presidents Lapbook ~ from Homeschool Share

ONLINE Resources for learning about the election process:

Learn about Elections and Voting has several resources about voting and the process.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

CM Style Subject Planning Worksheets ~

It's Spring in many areas around the United States and for many homeschoolers that means planning.  Many tend to plan in the Spring for the new year that is approaching.  

I finally finished the CM/RB style planning worksheets I had started a week or so ago.

You can find these planning pages here. I hope some find these helpful. There is a series of pages on main page for all subjects then broken down by each subject study to provide more room for listing living books.

These pages can be a great way to stay on track, keep track and stay organized throughout your school year while maintaining a more CM/RB method in your home teaching.

Taking Stock: Focus Today~ Learning Grammar

I am spending some taking stock in what we have done, how we have grown and changes we have had along our way. I have been clearing things out (bins, cabinets, bookshelves) and stepping back to really take the time to see what has worked and what just isn't working and re-vamping some things. The Spring weather seems to do that to us, we want to say "out with the old and in with the new"~

I thought I would start a new series entitled "Taking Stock", each post will focus on a different topic, subject of study or idea.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Notebooking Resource~

I recently came across this (new to me) website and I just had to share it with my readers. Homeschooling with Notebooks is FULL of all kinds of resources and goodies.

Homeschooling with Notebooks

Among the many things you can use on this site is a really neat online assignment generator. I tried it out and I just love it.  ( this page also has other generators as well)

We recently started using a syllabus with the boys studies. I really had to because we have gotten so busy with activities out side of the home that I needed a way to be able to still continue our studies and learning on a timely basis.

A weekly Syllabus seemed like it could really help keep us on track with what needed to be accomplished for the week. While also teaching the teens time management.  We are in our third week using them and they really help~

Before finding this assignment generator, I had created my own that you can find here.   Now I will be using this assignment generator and creating one for each day of our school week and printing them off for the boys. I just loved it! How handy!

Here is a worksheet I use to plan out the boys week then I will be adding it the the assignment generator.

There is alot more here on this site, if you have time definitely check it out~

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