Thursday, January 5, 2012

Science Ramblings- with a Hop and a Skip!

My 12 yo ended up skipping around the house today singing how much he LOVES his science lessons. ( We started using Intellego Unit Studies for Science back in late November) and he really loves using these. We are incorporating notebooking, posters and I plan on adding labs/experiments when I can also) he loves these because they move right along and have some great web sites to go along with the topics he is learning.

Seeing him hop and skip around all happy made me want to make a shift in his schedule plans a bit. Right now we are working a block schedule ( which he has always liked Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays are his core studies which include Math and Language Arts) but I think has he gets older it might be nice to go ahead and incorporate a bit more "delight direction" in his learning.

I am considering if perhaps it might be a nice change to maybe do more "sprinkles" throughout the week of LA instead of all of them every day and he would work his Science studies daily with short lessons to begin his day instead of waiting till the end of the week to do them all at once.

His favorite topic has been History but now I am seeing it might be a tie between History and Science~ ( not a very heavy burden to have I suppose) :]

He tends to be very visual and loves the different websites for learning. I really like how Intellego has everything there for us and I no longer need to go hunting interactives down for him.

Here is a copy of our old block schedule: ( your going to notice there are times added in here, He insisted I add these because big brother ( my teen who has to track his time for credit hours has this as well) has this and wanted to have what he has) 

to print, click here
And here is what I have revised:
to print, click here

The above revised daily check list is much more involved, but I really think he is ready. We won't ever do every single thing on this list but it serves as a helpful guide for him and reminders of what can be done for each topic.  It will also depend on my lesson outlines and what his particular interests are, in a given topic/subject.

I usually print these double sided so that I can use this sheet for two weeks to save on paper~ hope you find these helpful and gives you some ideas on how you can plan out your middle schoolers days~


Fatcat said...

So does he do these units on his own, on the computer? Do you have to have any input besides scheduling?

Learners at Home said...

He works these units ( they are ebooks ) on the computer. He reads the units and in each unit there are links and activities within the units. We sit together because from those I make notes and we discuss as he goes along with his reading ( oral narration) so I can make sure he is understanding the information. I take notes for the notebooking pages I create ( will be posting a few of those soon, I created three today that dealt with the Skeletal system. I have input all along ( as I do with most things,) because we may use other books from the library and things I have put together as well as he works. Hope this helps better explain things ~ :)


Jessica said...

Thankyou for the link to Intellego unit studies. My eldest will need new material this year and these look great, the units look like they are really good and hands on. Just what we need:)

Learners at Home said...

Your welcome Jessica~ I rarely will go and write about a particular program unless I really have something to say about it because there are so many variables that you have to consider when choosing something for a child, but I really found that for any parent/child who enjoys using the computer and doesn't mind e books for learning and are looking for something that has great link resources and is interactive these are just great! :0) I ended up buying a few more for us as well!


Joi said...

We are using Intellego Unit Studies for Astronomy. So far so good.

Joi said...

I meant to add that you are so organized! One day I hope to be that organized.

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