Monday, January 23, 2012

Memory Success: Thinking Outside the "System"

Rote Learning~ sigh, it doesn't come easy to some of our special learners does it?  While surfing the net, reading books etc., most resources suggest consistent repetition and perseverance.  But what about a tool that might be helpful for us while doing all this persevering and repetition?  

I wanted to share this link resource that describes a Scripture Memory System from the Simply Charlotte Mason Website.

As I read through this article I could see how this kind of "memory system" could work in other areas of study.

This "system" could be a great way to keep track of any kind of rote learning from scripture memory to math formulas, or grammar learning, etc.,

Suggestions on  the " what" I might use this "system" ~ 

Grammar~ When learning a particular part of speech I might add a few things that we might have just worked on recently, for example, listing pronouns, listing contraction examples, reminders of adjectives, or even for older children (working from the Blue Book of Grammar) work and list spelling rules.

Math~ Math fact practice ( trouble spots for those stinkers they can't seem to remember) math formulas they tend to be resistive about, shapes practice etc..,

History~ Important dates in history to remember, (what, where, who, why) great for self assessing and preparation for tests and study guide information.

Science~ Scientists information, formulas, body systems its just endless on what you can use it for.

This system can be used for Music Study, Art Study also much the same way.

Now suggestions on the "how "on using this "system" ~

Print out the cards at the bottom of resource link. I may change these to our day schedule instead of days of the week (day 1, day, 2 day 3, day 4). This works better for our schedule.

Our dividers would be color coded so I could have one index box for all subjects of rote learning.  Science would be green, English, yellow, History blue, Math, red ( these are colors the boys have known for topics since the beginning and would make it much easier for me to flip to if I am looking for something) Electives like art/music might just be white.

I would write down information on those cards and add it to the day I want.

At the end of the box I would add one more tab that would say "mastered" I would place those index cards they no longer need to practice there, but for safe keeping just to go back to every once in a while.

For older children in specific higher leveled programs one could use this system for just one subject like Chemistry, Physics, Trigonometry etc..,

Thinking out side the "system", tweaking things to meet our learners and our own needs where we are at is what we are all about! Hope some find these suggestions and ideas helpful.


 Here are some photos of what I created.  I printed the index tabs on white cardstock and turned them around so that I could add "Days" instead of using the days of the week.

In the back I added a "mastered" tab just in case I wan to go back to those later on and I also left a couple of the tabs empty in case I need them for something specific.

I labeled each index card box with the boys name on it and listed the color coding for each subject ( just in case my mind goes, lol ) for their reference if they need it for some reason.

Here is an example of a math card I added for my youngest that dealt with shapes. I even took it one step further and added an area where I can add dates and notes for me assessing where he is at with these. Again, "making it our own".

here is the back of that card where it gives a quicky assessment.

As I did this I quickly thought as we get into more and more work with shapes etc., I might keep this and have to staple a new card to it as well. Again, more repetition and the more times they see it and work with it the better and more able they are to "file" it into their long term memory.

here is an example of how I decided what to add to these cards, for us, we use LLATL and so I went through his book looking at the areas I knew he needed a bit more practice in.

I began to quickly see how this could be a very powerful, worthwhile tool for him.

Here is more examples so you can get an even better idea.

I want to mention that I don't plan on using these as "lesson" but only quick reviews that take a minute or two to read over. As we do, the boys will get to a point where they hear me or read over the card and they are saying "yup, yup, that's right I know that..." kind of review. Real quick NOT laboring. I intend to make this helpful not a dreaded hindrance to our home learning.

And here is a math example of what I have added.

I hope these are helpful in understanding in what capacity we are using this index memory system. ~

** 1/25/12 another update. I started incorporating this with the two boys this week, they loved the idea and it is working very well. We only spend about 5-10 mins. tops on doing these ( just running through and reviewing new concepts) I wish I would have thought of this much sooner! **


Joi said...

Great idea! I might adapt this for my kids.

Jen B said...

I have no idea why BUT your blog was only feeding to SNH fb. I read this and thought, oh I hope it fed! Then realized that's the only one. LOL You are no feeding to SNH, SNKSNP, and my twitter. Get ready for followers girl! You rock! :D

Learners at Home said...

Thank you Joi~ keep me posted on any more ideas you come up with~ !


Learners at Home said...

Thanks for the support Jen!


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