Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Changes here at LAH and a new Page added ~

Along with some changes to our LAH learning blog, I am adding a new section called "LAH Categories " I think these categories will make finding things for my readers much more easier~

I will be adding a new page to our my LAH blog entitled " Apps for Learning" - here is where I will list a bunch of applications and online tools to use and where to find them to help with home learning~ stay tuned and I hope you find the categories more helpful~

To Study or Not Around the Holidays~

Over on one the my email groups I belong to,
 ( Special Needs Homeschool)  a question came up about whether or not others are doing homeschooling through December or the Holiday Season.

After replying and thinking about it some more I wanted to expand a bit on it here since this is a place I can freely share my own thoughts and reflections on such things~

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