Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Time Tracking for Highschool Learners

We have been working through Khan Academy with great success this year. One of the  new things we are trying to do this year is keeping track of our teen's time that he works on each subject for his credit hours.

Here is a tool I decided on using for helping him stay on task for a set amount of time. It really helps with time management since at times he can go way above the actual time we had allotted or way below the time if something is boring or he isn't as interested in.

As teens get more independent its not as necessary for us to sit over them while they work. So this really helps keep him better on track with his time. 

TimerOnlineClock is a great free tool to try out for this!

Note: For tracking his credit hours we use a Daily Log Books that is printed by NARS. I have posted about this previously ( see previous post) scroll down to Record Keeping for a link example to our Daily Log.

This Daily Log has been working fairly well. He just has to remind himself to write down his activities and time ! But when he does I can see it will be a really helpful tool for me at the end of the year.

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