Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Odds and Ends~

I have been busy going over what we are going to be working on for our new year. Adding a few more finishing touches and trying to organize and adjust things accordingly. Adding some things, taking out others that I feel may not work well.
Most recently I had been having a conversation with my youngest son about a few things. He had been talking to his Dad about something in History he learned this past year. I listened to him and as I did it helped me realize a few things~ 

I always knew what his learning strengths were, I had learned about those a while ago and have always tried to work through this pathway for him. However, in really listening to him I picked up on how I really need to do more for him in this pathway~ ( he is heavily auditory and once he hears something read to him and can either make a poster or see it also it is then cemented in for the most part) I realized I want to incorporate much, much more audio books and visuals for him with all his studies not just history and science but all~ 

As I heard him re-tell a story I read to him in history I was able to pick up on the details he remembered and why~ this was a great thing for me and so a bit of tweaking is in store for my younger son :)  
I have been working on our planning for this year; record keeping, tracking of grades ( new for us for highschool) lesson plan ideas and outlines etc... its been really busy. I feel like have things now starting to settle and it feels like we are just about ready to begin.

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