Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Free Multiplication Printables~

Here is a blog I just learned about ( I Homeschool)  and thought this could be worth sharing with some of my readers. This creative and talented homeschool parent created these free multiplication activity booklets for others to share and use. If you look a bit further on the right she also has some writing printables also ~

I really liked some of the activities built into these printables and how she tackles multiplication and learning the tables from different perspectives, not just drill work. Hope you find these helpful!

Putting an End to All the Overlap ~ And Making Connections

At one time or another we sit back and go over our plans we have for teaching and it all seems wonderful doesn't it? Everything is written down, outlined and the HS budget seems to be in line with what we have set out to do.  Then you go over things again to make some last minute decisions~

I think its easy to get sucked into the curriculum machine~they make it sound so perfect! and you feel guilty if your child doesn't have that particular workbook or expensive lab set. We don't have to be sucked in though. We just need to remember who we are teaching and what our childrens needs are.  Once we know this, many programs begin to look less and less exciting. 

I had a realization recently and have found that a leaner homeschool budget and better organization really helped me to realize the overlap I was starting to see in our home learning.   As I saw this I went to my book shelves and starting pulling out things one after the other... wow, I have ALOT! ( I even need a new book shelf and I have already six now!)

I heard from so many how Highschool was SO expensive I felt like I had to have  all these really expensive programs that others were using. NO, I didn't.  Just because one program may be beneficial to one child doesn't mean it will work for another.  We need to remember that as we go into the teaching years beyond Elementary learning as well.

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