Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Division Struggles - and a favorite Math Reader Series to Share

I might have shared this series before but just in case I have not I wanted to share a REAL FAVORITE of ours ~ it is by Enslow Publishing called Making Math Easy. We started with this when my youngest was struggling learning subtraction. He just couldn't get it so I looked over some books (instead of more textbooks or programs) to help him and found this Making Math Easy Series. We just love it.

Now we are working with division and have written above how he struggled in subtraction I think I understand why division might be yet another difficult concept for him to grasp. He works through the problems fine with the steps but lacks the basic understanding (even using manipulatives of just what he is actually doing and I want to nip that right away so he has a better basic understanding of the concept/skill) I am going to be getting from our local library Division Made Easy. I think it will really help him understand things much more. If we want we can even try some of the worksheets if he wants that is provided on this site. ~
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Here is a preview of the book you can probably quickly see why we like these SO much.  I plan to go and get this today so we can stop right where we are in our math learning and go through this over the next couple of weeks to get a better foundation.

This series can be found in many libraries so be sure and check it out!

Math E-Books - Some Resources to Share

In an effort to find free, helpful resources for our home learning, I wanted to share these new resources we plan on using as we work into our higher levels of learning.
XP Math has a section of downloadable math reference books that I am adding to my boy's learning assignment blogs.

FreeBookCentre.Net is another site with free math e-articles and books on various math topics/skills.

I found Totally Free Math a real gem! This book is completely free and can be used as a great learning tool for those learning the basics of Algebra. Please read through the site for more information. 

* Note for further reference ( not ebooks) I found this link to be very helpful.

* Online Mathematics texts is yet another resource for areas of Calculus and Algebra

More online resources for help with math~
Algebra Help
Purple Math
Help Algebra
Kahn Academy
Shmoop - pre-algebra

Happy FREE math learning!

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