Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Summer Project- organizing my bookmarks

I was recently looking in my OneNote at some of my pages and wanted to add a divider for lesson planning. Our lessons are going so much smoother having things planned out a bit more, especially in the area of science and history because we use so many resources for our topics.

With the lesson planning I can make better use of my saved resources, books, maps, and online bookmarks.

I was in my Diigo this evening and realized WOW I have so much information in here. I really need to go through and organize these much better. Sure I have folders but I also have tags and I think I became very lazy in organizing these gems I find on the internet. So I am taking this summer or late spring to try and spend a bit of time re-organizing things.

A new site resource - eThemes

Sometimes certain resources are just TOO GOOD not to share. eThemes is certainly one of those resources. Whether your a homeschool parent, classroom teacher or parent of a child who has a report due in a specific area this site has so much to offer it is just terrific.
Broken down by grade level and then by alphabetical order there is no end to what you will be able to find here for different areas of learning.  I think this is a great addition to any homeschooling method and can be a great addition to your personal book marks for lesson planning~

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