Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Weekly Wrap Up -

                                                                  Notes on our week- 

 Our younger learner - 
A fairly productive week - our youngest is doing really well with his new math book and things are finally looking more as though consistency is settling in with his new skills learned and old ones practiced, thanks to our new math notebook system we are using ( 3 components daily; review, lesson, correct/teach me).

I think for our youngest it will take some time for him to get used to using the Learning Assignment Blog I set up for him, this is fine with me since I only did this for my own sanity and not as much for him right now. We can work on more and more independence as he gets older and doesn't look to mum as much.

Our Gym Days have now been days our youngest looks forward to, where before he would dread them. He is now feeling better about his abilities in the gym and his speaking with his friends ~ and I am very pleased about this.

He really seems to be enjoying videos more and more and so I am tapping into the internet much more now for more enrichment with his studies in all area of math, grammar etc... another reason I am so happy I began the learning assignment blog for him since it helps me to be able to take better advantage of the resources I find for him.

Our teen -

This week was fairly smooth sailing for my teen also - his learning assignment blog is PERFECT for him to gain the independence and control of time management he needed. He is able to learn how to balance things more between his social things and his studies. I am so glad I started this for him. I would highly recommend doing something like this if your homeschooling for highschool.

Math also is going much better now that we are incorporating the internet more in our learning - videos for various concepts and new lessons really seems to help my guy. I really want to look at a few of the math video learning programs to see which one will be a good fit for him. Right now I am looking at Tenmarks, Adaptive Learning and Mathtutor DVD's.  Not sure which I will choose but will keep you posted on what I find most helpful.

We started that new history book I had posted about and gosh does he like it! I think primarily because it goes into such depth and isn't bothered with all the political correctness so many texts worry about these days. It is really an interesting read so far, unlike any history text I have read in years. I hope to be able to either make some notebook pages of some things to go along with these chapters we are working on. Will share those if they get finished.

The weather has been gorgeous here in New England, finally most of our snow is melted and the boys have been able to get their bikes and skateboards out and get used to using them again!  We will cross our fingers for NO MORE SNOW - usually by this time of year we are storm free, but in New England you just never know!

Until next week~

Re-Orgainizing our Schedules - our update

"The answer is a balance between structure and non-structure. But this balance must be reached after a consideration of various factors. These factors include the age of the student, the learning ability, the best learning style for the student, the teacher-mother's ability, and the subject matter itself." Mary Kay Clark, Catholic Home Schooling

Flexibility with structure can be a difficult balance at times. While working with two different ages/stages and abilities it can be a tricky for sure~ after five years of homeschooling we have now found that balance and it is a wonderful feeling~

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