Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Updating/Changing Some Plans and Continuing with our New Project

I had been working yesterday evening on the new LAH Academy Blog.  I ended up finding a way to create a post template so that whenever I have the daily/weekly assignments I will be adding (  I am thinking at this point of adding the whole week. Two reasons; one, it is easier than creating a post for each day - even though at times I may want to do this, but not very often, secondly, it will be a good way in case we don't get to something or finish up on a particular lesson they can go back to look at what they had the day before instead of having to go and look at the "past assignments" the weeks work will be all right there, and even thirdly, it can help with time management and act for my teen more of a syllabus so that if we know we have a gym day or teen club coming up he can go and jump ahead and do a bit more lesson assignments if he chooses.

It is taking shape since working hard on it yesterday and it also helps me in going through links I had saved in their folders for future assignments. Now everything will be laid out nice and orderly and having these things on hand might help us to use them much more.

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