Friday, March 18, 2011

Making Mini- Offices~ resources/tips

A Reader request~ I had actually started this post a while ago and forgot all about it. I am thankful I still had this in my drafts because with my laptop crashing it would have been really hard to remember just what and where I had gotten some of my things for my mini-offices. Here are some resources that I have used for our mini offices; 

We learned about mini-offices late last year when I was diving into lapbooking. I was'nt exactly sure what it was and the link below that Jimmie had written really helped me out a great deal with resources and just knowing where to begin with our mini-offices.

What is a mini-office?

An important thing to remember about mini-offices is you want to use it so that it meets the child where they are at. You want to create a reference tool with things that they need help with or are just learning or having learned and still need more practice and reference. Be sure to not make the mini-office so elaborate that it is not used. Keep it simple and keep it where they are at academically. You can always add things to this as time goes by or create yet another if you wish with more concepts.

If I couldn't find something I created it myself, for example early on I could not find anything that helped our youngest understand writing the date with numbers (ie., 2/11/09) He just couldn't understand where these numbers were coming from, so I made up our own mini-office reference and it worked like a charm.

Links for combined subjects in Math, Language Arts, Social Studies ~(different ages/abilities)

Mini-Office Resources - this is actually a new resource I just found, hope you find it helpful I plan to go through this one as well!

Shadow-Earth Blog Archive - another newbie for me also you might find many things in this also.

Busy Teachers Cafe

Mini-Office Resources from Ms. Meacham   
( helpful because it can give you some ideas of how these can be used)

Marcias Lesson Links~

Teaching Resources- Mini Offices


Barracudas Lapbook Blog

ABC Teach - printables for Fractions

Math Mini-Office from Lapbook Lessons, this gives a great idea and visuals ~

Donna Young - math charts

Think Zone - visuals of various math formulas and concepts (older child)


Perodical Table - can be printed several ways

Illustrated Periodical Table - elements to remember with pictures

Language Arts and Grammar

ABC Teach 

Language Mini - Office from Lapbook Lessons

Another thing you can do is if you can't find exactly what your looking for is to take from your text or a library book and copy the photos and information ( as long as your using it just for your own child) and add that to your mini-office too. Sometimes we can't always find exactly what we are looking for so you can use those too. I have also gone ahead and used the old Time Almanac for kids also for their mini offices because those are so full of great reference information. ~ 

I hope you have found this information helpful~ 


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