Thursday, March 17, 2011

Learning about Cells- and another resource to share

For our younger learner Thursdays are Science Block Days. He works the beginning of the week on his Core Lessons/Discipline Studies ( Reading/Phonics, Math & Writing) and looks forward to Thursdays and Fridays when he can then set those core studies aside to work on Science for the day and then on Friday is History.

Today we are starting a unit on Cells.  It is the first lesson unit in our Science Lifepac and I plan on incorporating some science folds and few other things to learn about Cells.

Here are some pages I created ( see the Cells page on the list) that are adapted from the Lifepac unit that I made a cover page, vocab folds and a notebooking page ~ I kept this in a word document format in case you would like to change the vocabulary words or anything else to make it your own. As I make more and/or what we find and use I will go ahead and post the information to share.

I also found this link resource from Discovery Education this morning while checking my emails. I subscribe to Kathy Schrock's Education Newsletter and she had a link to Discovery Education's SMART EXCHANGE. The Smart Exchange is a place you can search a topic and find link resources, lessons and assessments. I found this link resource about Cells while searching. You can click on the "preview button" to see what it is like.

Happy Science Learning!

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