Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Website to Share-

I was searching for information this morning as I plan to re-vamp our math learning and also tweak some things/issues we are having with spelling which I will write about on another post since I am still gathering information and planning. 
But while doing this I came across this site and  just had to share ~ I had not visited the Don Potter site in quite a while and was surprised when I saw how things had changed. I am way behind this afternoon on my planning since its the kind of site you can sort of get swallowed up by~ (in a good way though) not that is is overwhelming it is just that one resource leads to looking and reading another and then another and before you know it I look at the clock and I have been there for over an hour! Yup, its one of those sites. 
I was happy to have found some great readers here and possibly some for our dictation. I also had been looking for supplemental learning materials and found just what I needed here. Be sure to check this site out when you have a chance. Don Potter.net

Copywork and Cursive~

"Capital "G" is like a boat "my youngest explained this morning ~ he finds things to help him remember how to make those pictures in his head. This was one way he remembered how to make a capital "G". 

Our youngest has taken to doing his copywork in cursive now, we are still practicing words, his signature and specific letter combinations.  Writing his copywork in cursive was entirely his idea~ it wasn't required because we use copywork heavily to encourage good writing and punctuation learning so I did not intend to add one more "layer" toward his copywork. But because he was so interested I let him go for it. ~ 

He came in a few times asking me certain letters as I could see him struggle a bit to get the pictures correct in his head ( remembering this kind of activity takes many skills all at once) to help him more with these pictures I showed him these videos as he needed ( we would fast forward through the beginning to get to the part we needed) he found it really helpful and once again it was a "visual way" of helping him see it, hear it to help internalize the information. He did great!

Happy Cursive Writing! 

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