Monday, January 24, 2011

Learning Sentence Diagramming

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We started a few months back with a new idea toward learning and practicing the parts of speech, sentence diagramming.

My teen is very visual and so when looking toward sentence diagramming I could "see" how this might help him make sense and understand the parts of a sentence, and give the learning a sort of purpose. It most certainly did just that and also made learning the parts of speech much more fun. My teen describes learning the Parts of Speech this way as a kind of puzzle that your taking apart rather than putting together.

We began working the new program called Grammar Revolution (which some of my readers may recall I had posted about previously) and have worked throughout the program.  Now we are on our way to practicing sentence diagramming.

I thought I might share some resources I have accumulated along our way~

Diagramming Sentences from the Guide to Grammar
Free Diagramming Sentences Worksheet

These link resources I plan on using for a combination of extra practice and further learning~ I also plan on using our old Winston Grammar workbooks for practice for sentence diagramming as well. I would guess that any parts of speech/grammar workbook could work very nicely when practicing sentences diagramming. These are what I have on my shelf so we will use these.

In thinking further about this, you could also use lapbooking as a kind of practice for sentence diagramming as well, creating folds that would divide the words and flaps that would show what part of speech your working with. I think this would be neat for younger learners who like to learn sentence diagramming or for children who tend to be very hands on and visual. I may try this with my younger learner as time goes on and will share what we create when the time comes.

Happy Diagramming!

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