Tuesday, December 13, 2011

To Study or Not Around the Holidays~

Over on one the my email groups I belong to,
 ( Special Needs Homeschool)  a question came up about whether or not others are doing homeschooling through December or the Holiday Season.

After replying and thinking about it some more I wanted to expand a bit on it here since this is a place I can freely share my own thoughts and reflections on such things~

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This year for the holidays we are still doing some light studies.  We don't have the time to do a full schedule of our studies but are doing daily Mathematics and Reading.

We also have been following the debates and politics going on lately and the boys have really been very interested in this as well.

I suppose you could say we are doing more of a relaxed or more unschooling approach for the Holiday Season and then we will be ramping back up the first week in January.

I really think it can be important ( for special needs kiddos especially) for children to continue on with their reading and mathematics skills. I have found with our boys it is alot easier for us when we ramp back up if we have been reading and doing math over the holidays than if we were to just stop.

Another reason to continue on with a light schedule is you can still accomplish learning but at a slower rate, while also maintaining some sort of sense of structure and "calm" among all the craziness the holidays has to bring.  It can help keep the home a bit more grounded and normal during the really hectic times when your trying to bake, wrap, schedule dinner parties etc.. I have found my boys welcome curling up with a favorite book series or for my teen sitting with his laptop, doing some of his Math on Khan Academy. It can be comforting during a sort of stressful time.

I also have the boys in the kitchen with me baking and learning new things. ( math and reading ) We also went to see The Christmas Carol play at our local theater ( the arts).  We have been writing out Christmas cards, (writing) shopping for both gifts and groceries ( consumer math ) etc... you can easily see how learning really doesn't stop during the holiday time or how it doesn't have to.  ~

Happy Holidays!

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