Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The History of the Christmas Tree

It's Christmas at our home. All over the place there is lighted trees, decorations, baskets of cinnamon pine cones, candy dishes filled and ready for the picking.... yup, Tis the Season.

During the holidays ( the month of December) we usually take it off but this year due to a really crazy schedule we have not been as structured with our studies so I wanted to continue on with a "lighter set" of studies through this month and then ramp to a more structured schedule in January.

We are right now on average spending only about 2 to 2 1/2 hours on our studies because the rest of the day is filled with baking and other things~

I am planning on having the boys read some classical Christmas Stories this month and have a wonderful book of short stories from Dickens and will be digging out a couple others. I plan on doing these as a read aloud- but for a bit of a different spin I thought we would look into and learn more about the tradition of the Christmas Tree.

I subscribe to a great blog for gifted children called Byrdseed Gifted and found this great article that gave me the idea to do this.  I think it will be a neat change up and will fit into our history learning nicely at this time of year.

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