Monday, December 12, 2011

Flash Cards for Geometric Shapes

In between our Christmas preparations we have been  taking this month to review some skills already learned  - I thought about it and December is SUCH a busy month with everything going on that it might be best to just reinforce things we already have learned.

One of those concepts we reviewed  this morning was Geometric Shapes and I noticed our youngest was really having trouble remembering certain shapes so I went searching for some flash cards we could use so that I could more easily reinforce them.

I found this site that allowed me to freely print many of the geometric shapes he was having a problem with.

I also decided to find some activities and maybe an online game for him to use as well just to change things up a bit~ here is some resources I found and thought I would share:

Kids Math Games
Polygon Matching Game from Math Playground
Interactive Quadrilaterals 
Shapes Identification Quiz- I really liked this one and know my youngest will like the "no frills" approach to this game.
Looking at Polygons
Cricketweb has a few games to use for practicing about shapes.
Polygon playground

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