Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Far Bigger Picture Than Just Copywork- Reflections on Your Home Teaching

I had seen this blog post from The Happy Housewife entitled " Ditch Copy Work " -This is a different perspective on copywork. We find copywork to not be agonizing or a punishment but rather a really comprehensive tool that can be used every now and then for learning several different kinds of skills. ( writing practice, grammar, usage, correct spelling etc. ) I could probably go on and on about the benefits of copywork but I will stop there~

 Some learners really don't care for copywork and I can certainly understand that - it depends on the child's learning strengths and style,  but I suppose I just have a hard time with others who state how much they dislike something and feel about it when in realty ( or at least my reality) it should be about the children and what their needs and likes are~

I  have observed some homeschool parents who will often share about how they might hate a certain program or were not  comfortable with it and will throw it aside. When I had asked how their child was doing with it they often would reply that they "seemed" fine but it was just not what they were comfortable with or liked.

While I do understand that we as home educators have to be comfortable with the material that shares our family values and beliefs, I can't seem to wrap my mind around home educators who make the teaching about them and not their own children.  The reality is that it isn't about what our likes are~ it is supposed to be about what our learners needs and likes are right?

I suppose I felt compelled to share this reflection to remind myself and my readers to try my ( our ) best to keep the learning and teaching about the children and not about myself  ( ourselves).

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