Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Far Bigger Picture Than Just Copywork- Reflections on Your Home Teaching

I had seen this blog post from The Happy Housewife entitled " Ditch Copy Work " -This is a different perspective on copywork. We find copywork to not be agonizing or a punishment but rather a really comprehensive tool that can be used every now and then for learning several different kinds of skills. ( writing practice, grammar, usage, correct spelling etc. ) I could probably go on and on about the benefits of copywork but I will stop there~

 Some learners really don't care for copywork and I can certainly understand that - it depends on the child's learning strengths and style,  but I suppose I just have a hard time with others who state how much they dislike something and feel about it when in realty ( or at least my reality) it should be about the children and what their needs and likes are~

I  have observed some homeschool parents who will often share about how they might hate a certain program or were not  comfortable with it and will throw it aside. When I had asked how their child was doing with it they often would reply that they "seemed" fine but it was just not what they were comfortable with or liked.

While I do understand that we as home educators have to be comfortable with the material that shares our family values and beliefs, I can't seem to wrap my mind around home educators who make the teaching about them and not their own children.  The reality is that it isn't about what our likes are~ it is supposed to be about what our learners needs and likes are right?

I suppose I felt compelled to share this reflection to remind myself and my readers to try my ( our ) best to keep the learning and teaching about the children and not about myself  ( ourselves).

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Changes here at LAH and a new Page added ~

Along with some changes to our LAH learning blog, I am adding a new section called "LAH Categories " I think these categories will make finding things for my readers much more easier~

I will be adding a new page to our my LAH blog entitled " Apps for Learning" - here is where I will list a bunch of applications and online tools to use and where to find them to help with home learning~ stay tuned and I hope you find the categories more helpful~

To Study or Not Around the Holidays~

Over on one the my email groups I belong to,
 ( Special Needs Homeschool)  a question came up about whether or not others are doing homeschooling through December or the Holiday Season.

After replying and thinking about it some more I wanted to expand a bit on it here since this is a place I can freely share my own thoughts and reflections on such things~

Monday, December 12, 2011

Flash Cards for Geometric Shapes

In between our Christmas preparations we have been  taking this month to review some skills already learned  - I thought about it and December is SUCH a busy month with everything going on that it might be best to just reinforce things we already have learned.

One of those concepts we reviewed  this morning was Geometric Shapes and I noticed our youngest was really having trouble remembering certain shapes so I went searching for some flash cards we could use so that I could more easily reinforce them.

I found this site that allowed me to freely print many of the geometric shapes he was having a problem with.

I also decided to find some activities and maybe an online game for him to use as well just to change things up a bit~ here is some resources I found and thought I would share:

Kids Math Games
Polygon Matching Game from Math Playground
Interactive Quadrilaterals 
Shapes Identification Quiz- I really liked this one and know my youngest will like the "no frills" approach to this game.
Looking at Polygons
Cricketweb has a few games to use for practicing about shapes.
Polygon playground

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The History of the Christmas Tree

It's Christmas at our home. All over the place there is lighted trees, decorations, baskets of cinnamon pine cones, candy dishes filled and ready for the picking.... yup, Tis the Season.

During the holidays ( the month of December) we usually take it off but this year due to a really crazy schedule we have not been as structured with our studies so I wanted to continue on with a "lighter set" of studies through this month and then ramp to a more structured schedule in January.

We are right now on average spending only about 2 to 2 1/2 hours on our studies because the rest of the day is filled with baking and other things~

I am planning on having the boys read some classical Christmas Stories this month and have a wonderful book of short stories from Dickens and will be digging out a couple others. I plan on doing these as a read aloud- but for a bit of a different spin I thought we would look into and learn more about the tradition of the Christmas Tree.

I subscribe to a great blog for gifted children called Byrdseed Gifted and found this great article that gave me the idea to do this.  I think it will be a neat change up and will fit into our history learning nicely at this time of year.

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