Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Literature Learning~

We are starting the workshop seminar by Adam Andrews~ Teaching The Classics.   I was actually going to hold off starting this till next month because we started a few other new things and I wanted to get those going first.
Our youngest started the book Cricket in Time Square a week or two ago and I had planned to use with this book a Study Guide. After starting it yesterday with him, we ditched it right away~ it was some of the "fluff" I had been mentioning in prior posts.

We didn't like it at all and for us, looking up a chapter in the book and copying words to fill in the blanks, for us, really isn't literature study. Its copywork!  I wasn't happy, neither was my son. It ended up in the trash and we dove into Adam's seminar and my son is really finding it interesting.

We are going to be using this to analyze the book he is reading and if he would like, we can do a lapbook on it as well from Homeschool Share.

Everyone is happy again. At this point we are working all our Language Arts skills through an IEW approach. I can't tell you how much more effective and comprehensive deciding to do this has changed our learning and thinking.

The programs have helped me get away from the "fluff" and "busy work" where your jumping from one program or workbook to the next.

I am condensing their LA learning into one and will share examples of how I am doing this as I take notes on what we do and move forward.

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Diane Perin Hock said...

Thanks for this post today! It reminded me that I'd meant to order this but never got around to it, and as my 10th grader is reading Huck FInn I think this would be useful to organize my discussions with her. And by the way, I agree with you about those types of materials that just ask for fill in the blanks. I hate that.

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