Sunday, October 2, 2011

Human Body Unit- some resources to share

We started our Human Body Unit this week.  Here is a list of resources I am using for this unit with my 12yo.

We are using as our spine a unit study from Intellego Studies: Human Body Vol I ( we will be working Volume II and Volume III but later on breaking in between for some Chemistry and Physics units for a balance) I absolutely LOVE these unit studies.

Other supplements we are picking and choosing from:

Otters Elementary Science Curriculum: Human Body
This is a full human body on its own OR can be used as a supplement like I am doing. It has some great links and ideas much like Intellego has. Was put together by a homeschool mom for her younger son. I think its fantastic as well.
Note: if your planning on a Human Body Unit Study and have or wish to work also at a higher level here is one that is for Highschool aged learners: Big Otters Science Curriculum upon request from readers she also created a unit for the younger learners: Little Otters Science Curriculum all the bases are covered!

Here are some Science Printables we are using for our unit:
Guest Hollow science printables
Activity Village- has a few printables we can use
Super Teachers Worksheets has some printables as well.

Books we are using for our Unit:
The Human Body for Every Kid, by Janice Vancleave
The Usborne Complete Book of the Human Body
The Body Book: Easy to Make Hands on Models
Blood and Guts, by Linda Allison
We are planning on adding many library books also which I can add as we find and use them.

National Geographic
Human Body Videos

Links to use for learning about the Human Body:
Human Body Lapbook
Science for Kids: Human Body
Body Systems
Science with Me - has both information and some printables also.
Discovery - Human Body Explorer - my son loves this site I think we might just have to pick up the DVD's!
Get Body Smart- this is a wow site.  A bit advanced but my teen can use this perhaps later on so it is a keeper. I suppose you would say this would be a "stretch" moment :)
Kids Health, How the Body Works - great information here too.
Human Body from .gov  - free teaching resources this is another stretch for us some information would be more appropriate for an older learner. Useful for pictures as well.
Tour of the Human Body~ this is another really good site in how it is broken down.
Body Systems ~

I have many if not most or all of these links here all in one place also.

**update~ I knew it, I knew it... I should not have checked this ad in my email box, lol ~ here is a My Body Lapbook I just bought from Currclick to add to our resources. My son loved this!


Peggy said...

tracey, thanks for all the interesting stuff. let me just ask, how much of your day do you devote to this science unit? 45 min. per day?4 days a week?

Learners at Home said...

for this particular unit - (this is specific for my 12yo) we work at this point one day per week about 2-3 hours. Thats all in one day. I know it sounds like alot but he likes working this way. I leave it up to him. My teen works on science about 45- 1 hour or so a day. He likes it spread out more but tends to like to work History (since it is done in a group with us) all in one day which consists of 2-3 hours or so. My teen's schedule is more balanced in that he works his science daily. Hope this helps a bit

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