Sunday, October 9, 2011

Binders RULE!

Ok, I have to admit it as bulky as they can be~ I have to acknowledge that I am a self described Binder Queen.

This was my first year trying out Homeschool Planners. I had all the pages printed and tabs placed in between the sections, it was great. I then had them spiral bound like everyone else does.

After using these for several weeks I became really frustrated. I needed to add some pages that were necessary, I changed the format of their lesson outlines so all the pages I created were no longer as useful.

I found that when I bound these in this fashion it became too rigid for me.  If I sound like "you" then read on~

If you have been following my blog for any length of time now, you know very well I can be very bold and will change something that I find isn't working in a minute~ my planners are no exception.

I ripped up what my printer created and added the pages into a three ring binder.  I even found out as I did this that my printer (person I had sent these to - to have them bound) had turned half my journal pages UPSIDE down! Thanks but no thanks, lol

After adding them to the binder I now can do the following:
*add pages more freely (ie., notebooking pages that are assigned with the units, change/delete things I do not need any longer,
*pages stay in better shape the bound books were taking a beating with me flipping through and referring to my journal pages in writing down what we did. It just wasn't very durable for me. I suppose I am tough on things.
* remove a particular page I am working on and take it with me instead of bring the "whole book". - that got very tiring having everything so connected. This way, I can just pop out a page and it goes with me instead of all the other things I don't need at the moment.

Another area that I tweaked early on this year is our lesson outlines to go from days of the week, TO just a day schedule ie., Day 1, Day 2 etc.. this has worked out far better to our advantage.

Now, when I do lesson outlines IF life happens ( dr. appointments, field trips, sickness - we all know that is coming) I have my schedule still in tact and just back up to the day before or the next day block.

Talk about relieving stress! It just so happened these next two weeks will be crazy busy with Corn Mazes, tests at the hospital, etc.. I don't have to worry about changing things and keeping up because we are following this day schedule.

I also tweaked their outlines for better subject integration. This also makes for much deeper and more comprehensive learning~ I am getting rid of the fluff ( will be writing more about that later on in another post)
I realized just how many program re-teach the same concepts year after year! I sat back and heard my son say "mom I already know about NOUNS!". Something to be said for this ~ so stay tuned and I will share more later on.


Mary said...

I am a Binder Queen too :) Looks good!

Learners at Home said...

thank you ~ Wonderful! Glad to hear I am not alone ~ I am so glad I decided to switch this up. Took hardly any time at all and now I can add things for the weeks if I need to. I found I had to look in different places for things like lapbook folds or pages etc.. not fun, lol :)



Mindy said...

Looking forward to hearing how you "cut out the fluff." Just had the same conversation with my oldest -- "Mom, I've done the Industrial Revolution for the past 4 years. I've done a report on every invention they suggest for my report." I wouldn't want to do it again, either!! :)

Learners at Home said...

I hear you Mindy~ isn't it ridiculous. I am thinking and and planning things out already completely re-vised all our LA to bring it together for integration in to our writing and now I am just about ready to post and share in a bit. It can really be quite liberating once you cut out all the fluff and really get to the real learning.


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