Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Time Tracking for Highschool Learners

We have been working through Khan Academy with great success this year. One of the  new things we are trying to do this year is keeping track of our teen's time that he works on each subject for his credit hours.

Here is a tool I decided on using for helping him stay on task for a set amount of time. It really helps with time management since at times he can go way above the actual time we had allotted or way below the time if something is boring or he isn't as interested in.

As teens get more independent its not as necessary for us to sit over them while they work. So this really helps keep him better on track with his time. 

TimerOnlineClock is a great free tool to try out for this!

Note: For tracking his credit hours we use a Daily Log Books that is printed by NARS. I have posted about this previously ( see previous post) scroll down to Record Keeping for a link example to our Daily Log.

This Daily Log has been working fairly well. He just has to remind himself to write down his activities and time ! But when he does I can see it will be a really helpful tool for me at the end of the year.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Literature Learning~

We are starting the workshop seminar by Adam Andrews~ Teaching The Classics.   I was actually going to hold off starting this till next month because we started a few other new things and I wanted to get those going first.
Our youngest started the book Cricket in Time Square a week or two ago and I had planned to use with this book a Study Guide. After starting it yesterday with him, we ditched it right away~ it was some of the "fluff" I had been mentioning in prior posts.

We didn't like it at all and for us, looking up a chapter in the book and copying words to fill in the blanks, for us, really isn't literature study. Its copywork!  I wasn't happy, neither was my son. It ended up in the trash and we dove into Adam's seminar and my son is really finding it interesting.

We are going to be using this to analyze the book he is reading and if he would like, we can do a lapbook on it as well from Homeschool Share.

Everyone is happy again. At this point we are working all our Language Arts skills through an IEW approach. I can't tell you how much more effective and comprehensive deciding to do this has changed our learning and thinking.

The programs have helped me get away from the "fluff" and "busy work" where your jumping from one program or workbook to the next.

I am condensing their LA learning into one and will share examples of how I am doing this as I take notes on what we do and move forward.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Binders RULE!

Ok, I have to admit it as bulky as they can be~ I have to acknowledge that I am a self described Binder Queen.

This was my first year trying out Homeschool Planners. I had all the pages printed and tabs placed in between the sections, it was great. I then had them spiral bound like everyone else does.

After using these for several weeks I became really frustrated. I needed to add some pages that were necessary, I changed the format of their lesson outlines so all the pages I created were no longer as useful.

I found that when I bound these in this fashion it became too rigid for me.  If I sound like "you" then read on~

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Math Facts - Using Number Bonds

[before I begin talking about what I have learned about using Number Bonds for learning and mastering math facts I wanted to share a bit of some back ground on how I decided on using these a bit more in our mastery of the facts for our youngest]

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Homeschooling for Free or Almost Free

Here are a couple of new resources I have recently learned about and wanted to share with my readers;

Budget Homeschool is a site where you can find lots of resources for free to use for your teaching at home.

School 4 Free is yet another site where there are lots of free things to print and use for your home teaching.
Along with this page is an extension of her resources (smaller downloadable files) from the same author called
Aunt B's. 

I will be adding this new the money saving tips page as well for future referencing. Always nice to save a penny here and there with free resources~

Monday, October 3, 2011

Grammar Chat~

One subject/skill that is really not amusing or fun to my teen is Grammar. I am sure many can sympathize with me when I say, my teen basically can't stand doing it.

I have found a few things to remedy his distaste for Grammar. I thought I would share these resources with my readers~

Sunday, October 2, 2011

October is the Month of the Holy Rosary~

Here is some things we are going to be using to celebrate the Month of the Holy Rosary~
The Resource Site has some information and printables.
* Introducing parts of the Rosary
* Printable for reciting the Rosary.
*History of the Rosary
* The Scapular, the Rosary and a Survival Story
* Inspirational Stories of the Rosary ~ and introducing Louis Pasteur so many times people use science for introducing this person I am going to use a different story. ~
* a blog~ The Rosary Trail

Human Body Unit- some resources to share

We started our Human Body Unit this week.  Here is a list of resources I am using for this unit with my 12yo.

We are using as our spine a unit study from Intellego Studies: Human Body Vol I ( we will be working Volume II and Volume III but later on breaking in between for some Chemistry and Physics units for a balance) I absolutely LOVE these unit studies.

Online Flash Cards for Learning~ a new site

I found yet another goody a friend shared ~ its called Flashcard Machine. I think I love this particular site because of how easy it is to use and find things. I found a bunch of things here we can use~ and I can build my own!

This is an idea a college student had as he made his own flash cards and then thought of a way to make one big set and then share with his classmates for tests and referencing.  Major innovation and collaboration!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Literature Lesson Index

I am having one of those days when you end up finding all kinds of goodies~ ever have one of those days? I just found out about this Literature Lesson Index and found some wonderful resources I can use for some books we are using right now.
Its called Lesson Index, just click on the literary title and find all kinds of resources to either purchase or get free on that particular literature selection~ If you have time be sure and try and check this out!

Learning about the US Presidents~

I came across this free download for learning about our US Presidents and thought I might share~ It is from Home of Heroes website. This could be a great resource for teaching about our US Presidents.

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