Thursday, September 15, 2011

Starting French - Printables and Resources

We are starting French this year.  Our first year working on a foreign language.  I found some great links that have been working really well for us so I thought I might share.

We had gotten an audio DVD from our local book store that had been on discount, but we found it moves way too fast and there are no visuals to go along with the words so my teen sort of got lost with it. We needed something more visual~

We have used the following with great success so far:

Learn French Online - Free and this site is a real favorite of my teen. He likes how it is visual and can also click on the audio to hear it as he reads through. There is activities and quiz's you can take using hangman and other things as well. He loves it and is picking up things quicker than we thought.

Bonjour.Com - another site that brings the visual and audio together.

French in Action- this is a new one we have not used yet, I just found out about it. It looks very good because I want to bring the culture into the learning as well.

For further practice and more hands on learning I recently heard about the site Christian Homeschool Hub.  This is a site where you can pay only $1.00 and receive unlimited printables. I found the French section PERFECT for our needs right now. Just great for extra practice and games we can play for assessing how he is doing.  There is alot here so be sure and check it out.

I hope to find more resources and printables as I go and when I do I will be sure to share~

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