Sunday, September 25, 2011

Science Learning and new Unit Studies program

We started our new year trying out a new science program for my youngest.  It didn't go over as well as I had hoped. ( thank goodness for the flexibility we have while we teach at home)  Even though we will still use this here and there, I decided to look and try something different for our science.

Before using our programs ( that never seem to work out just the way we want or need) I have used primarily, a more literature based way of studying science.  For my boys this seemed to work very well but they seemed to want a bit more visual activities so I tried to find videos and online interactives to go along with the topics of study. We would also add in notebooking pages and  experiments from time to time.  I still find the approach much more comprehensive in the information they process and retain. Having picked up two science texts for this year to use as a kind of supplement, I quickly saw once AGAIN how very little information is actually in textbooks. I think for the most part we will be using them more for the graphics for things!

Over the past two weeks or so I had been reading up more on Inquiry Based Study for Science. I still have much to learn but since I had done some reading and looking back at my notes I decided I would try a more unit study approach to his ( our youngest) science.

The new program we are trying out is Intellego Unit Studies. I had wanted to try these a while back but for some reason forgot all about them and when a friend ( thank you Vicki) reminded me of these I was thrilled because it was just what my youngest was looking for. - a more hands on, inquiry based approach that would be more multi-sensory instead of just reading from a book, doing some narrations and a quick activity.

He likes to really get into what he is learning. We had worked with Aha Science last year and he misses that very much (even though I had a hard time using it and feel I didn't use it to its full potential)  but funds being a bit lower this year  school year and Home School Buyers Co-op no longer carrying that group buy I was out of luck.

So we decided to watch a video demonstration and pick up a subscription for The Happy Scientist. It is very inexpensive~ only 10.00 for the full year and my son watched the demo and really liked it.

I am finding as he grows older he really is starting to enjoy a more interactive, web oriented approach to his learning. 

Intellego Unit Studies are quite new to us~ and I hope to be able to share our experiences with them as we use them not only in science but also Civics for the older son as well.  I purchased our Unit Studies from Currclick because I could get the e-books and thought these would be more useful this way considering they have so many interactive links they use that are built into the lessons.  Currclick has them very reasonably priced so we were very happy about that also.

Now that we have these to try we can't wait to jump into our Science Day blocks!

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