Friday, September 16, 2011

Our History Day~ and Homeschooling for Highschool the CM Way

We started today working our new history program, Winter Promise.  I had shown the boys this program and we were all very excited to start in on it and today was the day.

It went so well today. I absolutely love the program. It has so much in it that you really can't possibly do all the study guide gives you. But I love the fact that much of the background and research work is done for me. We are really going to enjoy our history this year, and I am really glad I made the choice to try Winter Promise.

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I have both boys working the same program~ American Cultures ( 1860-2001) it is scheduled for grades 5-8, however, I am altering this so that my teen can enjoy these wonderful reads and activities. His work will be a bit more involved and more will be expected.  It has worked wonderfully so far.

Our youngest decided to go and create two separate lapbooks; one for the Union States and one for the Confederate States. At first I wasn't sure it would work but as he explained what he wanted I decided it actually would be great. His plan in creating two lapbooks is to show the similarities and differences more significantly between the two sides while our nation was divided.  I thought this was a really interesting approach. And I was also surprised since he told me "NO MORE LAPBOOKS".  As I asked about this he cleared things up with explaining "but this is different, making a lapbook like this is cool". ~

I like how he now takes the reigns with things and my teen was looking up propaganda ( after having read about Lincoln's secret train ride to the White House) ~ he decided he wants to look and create posters of the different forms of propaganda used during the Civil War and other times in history. I loved it!   We have a tendency to really spin off from what we are doing but I think its part of the fun and freedom we have while teaching at home and teaching our own.

It really brings me back and grounds me more when I have days like today~ sitting and reading aloud to them from several living books and listening to the oral ( younger child) and written ( teen) narrations. I really feel as though Charlotte Mason and Ruth Beechick really had it right all along. We work so well this way.

I am planning on re-visiting my CM and RB books as a refresher this helps me to bring more whole learning and less busy work into our learning at home ( at least it does for me).  I need reminders often since we can easily get pulled away into the more traditional, public school model for learning.

Often when you surf the internet you find lots and lots of questions on homeschooling through highschool and how to do while still practicing a CM approach, that has worked so well previously. I haven't found too many answers to these questions but hope to explore this deeper and be able to answer some of my own questions I have over this next year.

For starters, here is a series " Basic Mainstays, Homeschool Through Highschool"  that Simply Charlotte Mason had written a bit back. I really find it helpful and thought I would share this with my own readers here.   There are five parts to the series you can easily find the others below the first article.

If you would like to share any thoughts or comments on this topic/article ~please feel free to post, I look  forward to any feedback anyone would like to post and share. It think this could be a wonderful conversation here at Learners At Home.

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