Thursday, September 29, 2011

New Lesson Outline Pages

We made some minor changes to our Block Scheduling bringing it down to a four day schedule while we continue to work all our subjects but more in a Unit Study fashion. It really seemed quite natural to do this because on the days when we would have our block days we wished we had been doing this all week~ We finally caught on and the boys had an idea. Turn thing around and let their favorite studies be their core, while integrating some of the other subjects!

We tried it out this week ~ I just wanted to see who it would go and it fit perfectly leaving Fridays for volunteer time, Home School Group gatherings, errands and chores etc.

If you are interested, I saved these outlines at these links: Science Core Outline and History Core Outline ( I call them outlines because I leave them very flexible to pull or push to the next day ~ always writing in pencil and this "outline style" has worked splendidly for us this year for the boys. ) Your also going to notice there are different Core Outlines, that's because I have two very different learners and I am following their real interests to make things much richer and rewarding. As we work further into these areas of their interests teaching, facilitating and learning has been so much richer and more successful.

I am now slowly transitioning  their Language Arts skills to be directly integrated with their Core Subjects. It has worked wonderfully so far. It is much easier than I thought it would be~ My journals I use help me do this because I can follow what we do in the program on say Monday in IEW's Fix It and follow through the rest of the week reinforcing the topics/skills/lessons. We are finding more retention in certain areas too just because we are giving more "meaning for teaching" and that is always a good thing.

I have found by using more of a lesson plan method just means that things get all bogged down and we feel frustrated because the "plan" may not have worked out as well as we should. Our outline leaves room for bunny trails on the scheduled topics and makes learning much more fun and comprehensive!

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