Thursday, August 18, 2011

"Grammar Land" by M.L. Nesbitt

 Sometimes finding a different way to approach Grammar can be really helpful. For many kiddos Grammar really isn't a very easy or "fun" thing to learn but it is necessary for good writing so I wanted to share this~

A friend of mine reminded me of this narrative for learning Grammar.  Its called Grammar Land, by M. L Nesbitt ~ ( you can download it freely on Google Books) I thought I would share some more information she shared with me about it~ here is worksheets that have been created by Jessica Cain that go along directly with the book~ Worksheets for Grammarland  this particular worksheet is #1 but if you look on the lower right hand side under "more from this user" you will find the others that go along with the book. A great find!
* thank you Susan M* ~ 

Here is a few more things I found to go along with it~ GrammarLand People
                                               You guessed right~ the audio to go along with it~ Grammar Land Audio

*Note: you can also purchase this book on Yesterdays Classics or Amazon.
Update: here is yet another freebie from my friend Susan M~ it is a Kindle edition book entitled: "Grammatically Correct" by Anne Stilman. If you have the FREE application for the Kindle app for your PC you can get this free like I did~  thanks again Susan~ : )

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Blossom said...

Thank you so much for putting it all in one place. I've bookmarked your site for future reference and now follow you via GFC -to make sure I don't miss something from now on ;)
Thanks again!

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