Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Math Resource for Our Visual Learners

My boys (including myself) tend to be very visual learners.  If I can add a visual to something along then with an auditory component it usually clicks- What ever it is we are learning about. ( well, almost all of the time) .

Math TV
I wanted to quickly share this site because it is just one of those resources that is so simple and so user friendly that I really feel I would be neglectful if I didn't share it!

Math TV - it is a website that offers all free videos in ALL areas.  Upon free registration you can create a playlist of the videos you are going to be working on or topics you are currently learning in math. Great for not only teaching but for a quick daily review ( a component we have built into our math at home model) and helpful for studying for any quiz's or testing that will be coming up.

Also there are online textbooks available that I really like! again, very visual and the first chapters for the textbooks are free for you to view and get an idea of what they are like.

If you choose to update your registration to a premium member the cost is 20.00 every six months to gain access to all the textbooks and all the worksheets available on the site.
Note: The videos are all free even without the Premium Membership.

I think the membership they offer is a reasonable price and would save families lots of money when trying to find a more visual, simple to use math learning program for their children. ~

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