Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Free Resource for Highschool ~

I just learned about this site this morning and thought I might share. Homeschool College USA has some great links and resources for learning during the Highschool years.  I started looking closer at this site and found the following very helpful;
Under Getting Started Section ~ 
"Notes About the Program "- explains what this site is all about and who it is for. It also explains supplies that are needed to do the courses, tools for learning like the Study Journals and where to actually start in the program.

I viewed some of the courses and really like many of them. I may actually alter a few things in our planning after seeing this site (ie, the drawing course and  photography and a couple of others I know my teen will just love).  I left myself wiggle room as I always do in my planning ( allowing for flexibility has always been key to our success in learning at home) so it will be easy to add a few of these things in.  In certain areas at the very least, I will make use of some of their great resources.  I'm thrilled I found out about this site~

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