Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Free Multiplication Printables~

Here is a blog I just learned about ( I Homeschool)  and thought this could be worth sharing with some of my readers. This creative and talented homeschool parent created these free multiplication activity booklets for others to share and use. If you look a bit further on the right she also has some writing printables also ~

I really liked some of the activities built into these printables and how she tackles multiplication and learning the tables from different perspectives, not just drill work. Hope you find these helpful!


Anonymous said...

HI, I have tried to view the I Homeschool blog for the multiplication workbooks three times and her site comes up, but it freezes each time. Could you check it out? Thanks.

Learners at Home said...

I just tried this morning and it was fine. I am using Google Chrome for my browser, that "could" make a difference but not sure. Which ones were you looking for ? If you email me at nhhomelearning@gmail.com I can try sending them as an attachment for you to help out :)

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