Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Math Resource for Our Visual Learners

My boys (including myself) tend to be very visual learners.  If I can add a visual to something along then with an auditory component it usually clicks- What ever it is we are learning about. ( well, almost all of the time) .

Math TV
I wanted to quickly share this site because it is just one of those resources that is so simple and so user friendly that I really feel I would be neglectful if I didn't share it!

A Free Resource for Highschool ~

I just learned about this site this morning and thought I might share. Homeschool College USA has some great links and resources for learning during the Highschool years.  I started looking closer at this site and found the following very helpful;
Under Getting Started Section ~ 
"Notes About the Program "- explains what this site is all about and who it is for. It also explains supplies that are needed to do the courses, tools for learning like the Study Journals and where to actually start in the program.

I viewed some of the courses and really like many of them. I may actually alter a few things in our planning after seeing this site (ie, the drawing course and  photography and a couple of others I know my teen will just love).  I left myself wiggle room as I always do in my planning ( allowing for flexibility has always been key to our success in learning at home) so it will be easy to add a few of these things in.  In certain areas at the very least, I will make use of some of their great resources.  I'm thrilled I found out about this site~

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Planning and Organizing~ What I've Been Up To

 This past week has been all about planning and tweaking and then organizing. It can be exhausting.. but I am really making headway.

Friday, July 15, 2011

On a Tight Budget? Here are Some Alternatives You May Want to Check Out!

We have been on  a  leaner budget with our homeschooling and I have been on the hunt for alternative ways for saving money and cutting corners without taking away from comprehensive learning.

I have found a few things I wanted to share with my readers that I will be using as alternatives to other programs that can be quite costly ~  I also wanted to share some tips I have found helpful along the way as well for finding the very best books, programs and activities for the boys~ ( I will be creating a page for this and will continue to add to these ideas and tips as I find more of them)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Updating My Printables - And Creating New Ones~

Over this summer I am hoping to organize and go through my things I have created.  I have updated and made a few more pages ( you can see these on the right hand side of my blog).

We are starting this Fall a few new programs AND also starting Highschool so I will be creating a great deal more pages and will be sharing them here and then loading them into my "Freebies" section as well.

I just created this new log for my teen since I thought it would be very helpful to track and keep organized all his learning resources. This log helps my teen do just that;

Book/Periodical/Web Resource Log

I am planning on posting each thing I design and create so stay tuned!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Free Multiplication Printables~

Here is a blog I just learned about ( I Homeschool)  and thought this could be worth sharing with some of my readers. This creative and talented homeschool parent created these free multiplication activity booklets for others to share and use. If you look a bit further on the right she also has some writing printables also ~

I really liked some of the activities built into these printables and how she tackles multiplication and learning the tables from different perspectives, not just drill work. Hope you find these helpful!

Putting an End to All the Overlap ~ And Making Connections

At one time or another we sit back and go over our plans we have for teaching and it all seems wonderful doesn't it? Everything is written down, outlined and the HS budget seems to be in line with what we have set out to do.  Then you go over things again to make some last minute decisions~

I think its easy to get sucked into the curriculum machine~they make it sound so perfect! and you feel guilty if your child doesn't have that particular workbook or expensive lab set. We don't have to be sucked in though. We just need to remember who we are teaching and what our childrens needs are.  Once we know this, many programs begin to look less and less exciting. 

I had a realization recently and have found that a leaner homeschool budget and better organization really helped me to realize the overlap I was starting to see in our home learning.   As I saw this I went to my book shelves and starting pulling out things one after the other... wow, I have ALOT! ( I even need a new book shelf and I have already six now!)

I heard from so many how Highschool was SO expensive I felt like I had to have  all these really expensive programs that others were using. NO, I didn't.  Just because one program may be beneficial to one child doesn't mean it will work for another.  We need to remember that as we go into the teaching years beyond Elementary learning as well.

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