Saturday, June 11, 2011

What I have been up to lately~

I have been busy even though we are on a kind of break from most of our regular studies. I needed the break actually. It is really nice to just work an hour or a bit more in the mornings and then head up to my studio to do some painting or catch up on my Spring Cleaning that never had gotten finished. ~

Some odds and ends~
Homeschooling my teen for Highschool:
I've been researching more about homeschooling highschool, worked out some bumps I was concerned about as far as record keeping and just trying to decide what will be best for my teen and for our family. I will share about that on another post I have started. (  there is a bit of resources I have gathered for this so it is taking a bit more time to put it together).

What we are working on lately:
We have been working only Math and Reading this week and its SO nice. Thursday we spend a whole 2 hours on math and didn't even notice it! I suppose that is what happens when your not rushed and don't have a laundry list of other topics and subjects to cover. ~  Some shifts are needed in their math and so I am needing to re-work things just a bit because my younger son is a bit stumped on division, almost there but not quite and I forgot all about the Division Made Easy book we had checked out at the library. ( that will teach me for not following a lesson plan!) :S. So we are starting that over this next week. I think it will help go over the foundations for division for him more.

My teen's Prealgebra was going full steam ahead until a few lessons had no exercises for practice with so I needed to go looking for some resources for practicing a bit with integers. Which lead me on some bunny trails and a bunch of great links~!  ( this always happens to me)   We also got in our newest addition to our math book shelf Prealgebra & Introductory Algebra by Elayn Martin Gay - I am still waiting for the annotated teachers edition also to go with it, so I am thinking of just using this over the summer with him to get him ready for the Algebra 1 in September.  I was unable to get the Paul Foerester Books I had planned on. The books were way too much to spend on math (after much more thought) when I could find many other books that will teach much the same thing. Which brings me to my free resources I have found for Pre Algebra and Algebra - WOW I have lots of goodies to share!

Here is a list of my newest resources I have found: 

Shmoop - I like this site better than the other Free Prealgebra we were using.  It is more consistent and has practice with each new concept taught the other one is sort of sporadic, like it is not yet finished.
PreAlgebra2Go - this site shares notes, lessons and exercises and sometimes videos
Pre Algebra Math Videos - always helpful
* Xtra Math - this isn't pre algebra but help for math facts for my 12yo for over the summer - free
Dad's Worksheets - a worksheet site I thought was great! in case I need some practice problems.
Math4Me - downloadable math videos and texts for prealgebra
Examples in Pre Algebra by Glencoe
Math OPS - free math lessons
Pre-Algebra video lessons

Also I had joined Nan Jacobs new Facebook Group "Homeschool Freebies" and she has tons of links she shares daily and encourages her members of her group to share free links as well to help in homeschooling. I have found oodles on this new group she has and it has honestly saved me a bunch of money.  If your own Facebook you might really want to check this group out, but fair warning~ it is best to create an email filter for this group because you can get LOTS of emails with all the resources shared and this way you can go through it at your leisure, like I do.

I also decided to go ahead and sort through my Library Thing.  I really like this online book site. And since I have been using Paperback Book Swap faithfully now ( saved TONS, finding books I really needed for Highschool references) - I need to delete some and add some as our interest and concentrations have changed as the boys have been getting older. I plan on using this site (Library Thing ) for my homeschooling and will open up an account with Good Reads ( with encouragement from a few friends) for my own personal books I will be reading and writing some reviews for when I can.

We've been busy! I will be adding quick blurbs on things I find to use for our new year with my 12 yo and finishing up my planning for High School post over the next two weeks or so. I am attempting to begin mapping out our four years so I have a solid outline for us to move forward with. It will be the first year since homeschooling that my teen will have his year now cut into two semesters.  I think this will help with consistency and time management on getting things done. ( we shall see) :)

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