Friday, June 17, 2011


I recently came across this spelling program. We, right now are very happy with our spelling program we are using and do not plan on changing programs at this point but because I have dyslexics and because for some of my dyslexics spelling can, at times, be a major struggle.  I often find myself reading more and learning more about spelling and programs and strategies and techniques for teaching spelling (sometimes referred to as encoding also).

I found this program and wanted to share about it. - How to Teach Any Child to Spell by Gail Graham. I am intrigued by it because after looking at some of the samples of the book it was very close, if not right in line with what I have learned about spelling.  I had to get it, so I did.

Here is a link to see more and view the table of contents and read some excerpts which you might find very interesting and helpful.  


Jackie said...

Thanks for the link. I plan on checking it out. My DD has dyslexia so spelling is very much a problem for her. We supplement with Spelling and Vocabulary City right now--it's free. She enjoys the games (I enjoy that she is learning).

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Learners at Home said...

Jackie, your very welcome~ We love Spelling City~ its a great way to change things up for them. And fun is always helpful :) I just got this book in and as I read it I will be sure to share about it and my thoughts~ :)


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